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In an effort to remain competitive with surrounding markets we are making some changes to our bid sheets. We feel that these changes will put us more in line with the surrounding markets and Texas markets.  The following guide might help you in determining how your stock will be graded. Also if you have any questions always feel free to contact us.  Thank you for your patience and your business.


Number 1=  A number one kid is a heavy muscled kid that is free of disease and properly fed. Most of these will be a high percentage of boer . Also will not be over filled, Remember big belly isn’t the same as fat.

Number 2=  A number two kid is a good goat. It has some cover on it and is free of worms. A well-managed Kiko or Spanish cross kid will fit this class. Number 2 goats is a “profitable” goat because they are easier to raise but they just don’t have the muscle of the number 1 goats.

Number 3=  A number 3 kid is a goat that is lighter muscled and doesn’t have as much fat cover. It is healthy. Dairy cross kids and lighter muscled kids fit this class

Unhealthy kids-  This class is the “undesirables”  These are the stock that have been wormy or appear really thin.  We buy these just to give you a place to get rid of them. Please deworm your stock and treat their feet. A sick animal doesn’t make anybody any money.


Prime = These are the “bulldog”, heavy muscled, sheep or the group. Really good Dorper or Texel cross lambs can fit in here. These are the lambs that have an above avg dressing percentage

Number 1= These lambs are slick and fat. Heavy muscled. These are the lambs that have had plenty of nutrients and free of worms.

Number 2= These lambs are avg muscled lambs that are a little rougher appearing. Most pasture lambs, or lambs that haven’t had a lot of feed fit in here. The majority of producers produce lambs that fit this slot.

Number 3- Lighter muscled or thin lambs fit this slot

Unhealthy Lambs- Same as the kids. These are the weak and parasite or other diseased kids

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Last update  02/19/2019  06:30 pm