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       Dear Sheep and Goat Producers,

      I am writing this letter to inform you of a change in the Sheep and Goat Buying Station. After more than 10 years of marketing sheep and goats at Duckett Farms we are closing the station. Mr. Duckett and I have worked very diligently to make the Buying Station a great choice for your marketing needs. Everything changes in life and if we don’t continue to change and keep up with the times then it. Becomes harder to be successful. Because of the changes in the markets and the structure of the industry we feel that a live auction will be more better for our producers.

      We strive to provide a fair market and a humane place to market livestock. In mid-July, Darrel Ford with HOPE LIVESTOCK AUCTION contacted us about moving our operation to his sale barn on Hwy 67 in Hope AR. Darrel and crew at Hope Livestock have a weekly cow sale that is the best in the trade area. Darrel conducts business in a fair, honest, and humane manner. Mr Duckett and I felt that this would be a great fit for our customers. Our goal has always been to grow and strengthen the sheep and goat industry in the area. I feel that Hope Livestock and help with that task. Mr. Duckett and myself will continue to help with the sheep and goat sale so feel free to call us anytime. We would like to thank you for 10 years of business and allowing us to market your livestock and get to be a part of your livestock endeavors. I encourage you to support Hope Livestock Sheep and Goat Sale and help Darrell grow the industry so we can continue to have a local place to market our livestock.



New Sale- Hope Livestock September 28 2019 @ 2 pm

Chris Sweat- 479-970-6905

Jesse Duckett- 870-703-7321

Darrel Ford- Hope Livestock -870-777-4451

Last update  08/23/2019  01:00 pm